Case Studies

Brief summary examples of our work
Case Study 1
A client wanted to review and improve its Coupon, Voucher & Loyalty Card processing, procedures, systems, accounting and responsibility for simplicity, accuracy, timeliness, transparency and controllability to facilitate savings in processing costs. CEP Consulting was tasked with performing a review and improvement implementation of the end to end non cash tender process & strategy resulting in savings to the overall process costs in addition to all the other benefits delivered.
Case Study 2
CEP Consulting assisted in the review of and improvement to a client’s Trading Operations Margin KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and ‘Health Checks'.
Another project was carried out on the client’s UK depots payroll operations. This involved a review of the operations & processes and relationships with internal customers & suppliers with a remit to improve reporting and implement consistent procedures across all the depots' payroll operations.
Case Study 3
CEP Consulting had a remit to develop high level process maps for various departments within a client’s business. The process maps provided the basis for the departmental directors & senior managers to assess the risks & controls existing within the operations and finance processes. Additionally the process maps assisted the Internal Audit department in formulating an audit strategy for the relevant departments and also assisted the heads of departments concerned to devise strategies in line with the Business Transformation and Capability Corporate Strategy of the company.
Case Study 4
For a client CEP Consulting was involved in the development of a model/framework for the analysis of operating costs into costs to acquire customers, costs to maintain & retain customers and support costs, to:
Another assignment for the client involved assisting the marketing department in the development of a dual fuel proposition strategy and feeding the conclusions back into the design of customer proposition and sales commission.
Case Study 5
CEP Consulting was tasked with handling a project/transition management of some finance, purchasing and e-payables functions for a client from the UK to an offshore location. This involved:
Case Study 6
CEP Consulting worked with a client in project managing the post acquisition transition stage assisting with the integration of two acquired entities' finance functions and reporting platforms. The integration project also involved the migration of all finance functions of the acquired entities to the client’s operating location in a different city.

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